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So I’m kind of really into doing Halloween styled makeup


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"The heart may be weak and sometimes it may give in. But I’ve learned that deep down, there’s a light that never goes out!"~ Sora 

To my new followers…This is what I look like :3 

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My handsome date tonight :3 

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mixeduptapes: this blog gives me life

aweee I’m very happy that it does <3 I love all my followers and a daily dose of handsome scene guys c;

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Anonymous: Not a question really. But chin up, man. Everything'll be all good. (つ⌒-⌒)つ

awee thank you anon I love you so much

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Been drinking a lot and a lot of shit has been popping into my head. Found out my dad’s been drinking again and getting into bar fights, the guy I liked randomly deleted his tumblr, etc. Cheer me up?

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